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Includes One free pack of 12 flowersticks.

Omura are innovators of dry herb technology. With this new Series 1 model, they have excelled in both convenience and sustainability simultaneously.

The Omura S1 Vaporizer is not your average vape. It has a brand new innovative approach to vaporizing which we`ll break down for you. It`s ideal for dry herb newcomers, but it provides an elegant and curated experience for all you vape connoisseurs out there too. If you`re looking for a vaporizer that`s user-friendly, eco-friendly, and packed with high-quality performance, then the Omura S1 might just be perfect for you!

These lovely vapes also come with a bullet proof, belts and braces 1 year warranty. If you have any issue with it during your first year of ownership, just return it to us for a brand new replacement item.

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Omura Series 1 – Rose Gold